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Monthly Archives: March 2018

.we all have dreams

once upon a time there a young girl…

then she grew up.

we have all heard this so many times before and i can honestly say i am in a place where no one should go.…

.the portrait of life

greatness is something most of us pride ourselves on daily. we want to succeed, we want people to notice but how far are we willing to go to achieve this?…

.romantic gestures

sparkle. relationships. we see all the romantic movies with people in love and how light in all seems but what constitutes as romantic? we are all different types of people, men, women alike have different ideas as what should be done to swoop a woman’s attention.…

.when does it all stop

why is it we allow people to get the best of us? i see so much violence, bullying, verbal lashings and i can’t figure out why people have resorted to this kind of behavior.…

.the differences

there is no greater need then wanting to be happy with your life decisions. environment, time, people and loved ones can truly give you a sense of direction but it is their feelings not yours.…

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