relationship illusions

when you are interested in someone, how do we not set ourselves up for a fall? expectations. do not expect any more than another can give and know the signals. it is the hardest thing to do backing off when you know another person really isn’t into you, especially if Continue Reading

Taking the direct approach

a wise man said: “some people translate stuff according to their own reality” some people find me bold, loud and even sometimes to direct but i believe it is the way of life. how else can you get the message out if you do not say it like is? take Continue Reading

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.the circle of life and love

this week has been quite interesting but less than desirable. what i learned was your heart is the most important part of your body because with it comes feelings. it doesn’t matter how strong of a person you are or how you think your head can’t control your well-being, when Continue Reading

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Taking Time Off

i used to think i had it all figured out. the life, the job, the people and yet some mornings i wake up and wonder what people really think about me. i realize i should never have to worry about that particular subject but on one hand i don’t give Continue Reading