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Monthly Archives: January 2018

.do we really see ourselves

while i have been pre-existing in the blog world, trying to come up with some great and creative ideas, i started thinking about how people are present in the moment.…

.life consequences

karma, something i believe in to the very core. i also believe that when you do something wrong, it will come back and bite you right in the ass without hesitation.…

cutting the crap

i am tired, tired of the bullshit, the reasons why we get up every day and for what? to be disappointed and let down.

i am tired of people who claim to care and don’t.…

stop wanting the impossible

i watched an inspirational movie this afternoon and it made me think of my own life. i have been looking for this great idea that would bring readers to my blog, that hope that people would be so inspired that some popular paper or magazine would like me enough to want to write for them.…

the value of time

today i have noticed way to many people waste time with their negativity and complaints. they never shut up about whatever it is that isn’t going right instead of showing gratitude for what is good in the world today.…

words of a stranger

words can either destroy you or make you better but only for the moment or a lifetime?

i have had quite the week with people and two in particular, one whom totally made me feel like a piece of shit and the other whom seem to know me better than i knew myself.  …

.do we really know

when you doubt yourself, life, people, you activate a negative feeling but what is really lying under this emotion? did someone or something set you off course?…

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