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Monthly Archives: December 2017

no vacancy

i got the best compliment the other day, a man said that i taught him so much about love… i laugh today because obviously i didn’t teach him anything because he is back doing the ‘same old shoe‘ let’s say.…

.what do i know


really, i am not kidding. i have been writing shit for years about relationships, life, love, past experiences and still i ask that simple question:  is it all worth it?…

.the challenge of being real

some people have secrets, some have dirty little secrets and some have past lives they wish to bury deep.we all have things we wish to never discuss or reveal about ourselves because we fear the rejection or worse the judgement by those who do not understand unconditional.…

.the art of marriage

people who have been burned more than once, look at marriage as a plague. they vow to never take the plunge again and yet they fail to see the beauty in the constitution.…

.the strength of the heart

relationships of all kinds makes us realize how strong our hearts can be. we love, we like, we give our all and then in the end, we ask ourselves the ultimate question when the heart is broken:

why me?…

.what are you waiting for

my thoughts this morning are people. different kinds of people, why they are different and how we can’t accept some of them. all over the world there are millions of people doing different things in different ways but all mean the same.…

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