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Monthly Archives: October 2017

.people attitude and vision

it seems to me that when you are working towards something in a group, you are supposed to have the same vision. on the contrary, everyone has their own ideas and thoughts on how things should be dealt with.…

.taking a break from your life

i have spoken many times about simplifying your life and i am one to talk, yesterday i realized how chaotic my life has become. restless nights and wandering avenues of OMG!…

.the power to understand

doubt in one’s self has become second nature to some people and in this society it is easy to become doubtful of anything. we live in a world where people put each other down so much we begin to believe all the words that are thrown at us.…

.exaggerations of another

i have been thinking about being real lately and how often people pretend. they pretend to like you they pretend to care and others simply pretend to save their own bad behavior.sometimes we pretend in order to keep the peace or we pretend to hide the truth about our feelings.…

.take a walk in someone’s shoes

as the week ends, i realized i have not written much but as life would have it, i have been busy in the real world. crazy times, stresses of others weigh heavy on me and it made me see that i really can’t fix everything.…

.shut the front door

we have all heard it said, when one door closes another opens but sometimes you must at all costs close a door that will remain closed for the rest of your life.…

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