when the decisions are made

often, people talk about choices | i hate that word, i really do because i have always believed that no matter what choice made something always comes along and alters it.

we live according to what we believe to be satisfactory to our needs. i am sure at one time or another we lived for the purpose of guiding others | children | shaping them into what we want and hope they will grow into strong adults.… proceed

I should never have to explain

so ya wake up one morning and realize, your whole life has changed. you see things differently and ask yourself:

“is this where i want to be or am i supposed to be here?”

i closed many chapters in my life, opened many wounds and sought out the reasons for everything that has become.… proceed

how epic is your spouse

a man and i once had a conversation | i asked this question: “why can’t we be like them?” his reply was: “because we aren’t”

i never really understood that until today and it hit me that most people of the world are in competition with ‘the jones’ as they used to say and really there is no competition.… proceed

What if

time. how much do we really have and how do we use it?

i am faced with a reality these days of time and all i have had, meeting many people, experiencing many things and living my life the way i believe it should be lived.… proceed

Do You Condemn Others

taking a step back can be one of the hardest things to do when you are a person who insist on finding solutions immediately to problems.

the patience and tolerance needed to be a great person is probably  more profound as we do not always accept others.… proceed

.truth and trust

how can you be who you want to be if you can’t tell the truth or trust the one’s around you?

living in fear of judgement and constant restraints can be one of the most difficult ways of living. we often hide the real shadow of who we actually are because we are conditioned too.… proceed