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Monthly Archives: September 2017

.the shit is about to hit the fan

we forget the importance of life and living and mostly some of the people who have impacted our lives. we also forget how important it is to remind and show these people who they are and what they mean to us.…

.do you really know

you’ve heard the saying ‘walk a mile in someone’s shoes’, well do you honestly think you can even remotely do that and still understand another person?…

.strength where does it come from

how do you find the courage to face your reality? this is a very difficult one because there are times when you feel as though there is nothing left to fight for or simply put, the reality is clear and you haven’t got the strength to take the next step.…

.keeping it simple

part of personal growth is learning what makes you happy and what doesn’t work.

in the last year, i have learned many things about myself and this weekend, i had another experience that made me realize why i get disappointed all the time.…

.worse feeling in the world!

purpose. what is it? do we want it? do we have it? how do we know?

life is supposed to be about purpose, reason for being who we are and what we do but for some, i see nothing but existence and it made me wonder about my life.…

why some have everything

others have to fight for their lives…in sickness and in health we are the experiments of life. we live our lives according to the ‘norm’ and never really understand why some people have it all and others suffer. …

achievements loss unless there is purpose

achievements are created by hope, dreams and determination; once the achievement is no longer attainable, we lose our site of a better future.

as we grow up, we do things to be great, to prove to our parents we can accomplish anything with their guidance and strength.…

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