.the WTF moment

there are times in life when you have to stop and think – “WTF”

i have had many of those moments lately and so far some are good, some are bad. our lives are built by what we do, what we experience, people we encounter and most of all our feelings. we do the things we do because we have to and the odd time because we can or want. what makes us happy doesn’t … want to know the rest?

.some people

i have noticed there are people who need more attention than others and it is apparent if you do not acknowledge all that they do, they do tend to react. sad really that people need that much validation in order to make themselves feel good.

running an organization isn’t easy no matter what size it is, there is always some people who need more attention than others or who always have some important dilemma. what … want to know the rest?

.where to begin

we often take life for granted but there are also times when our bodies decide to give us an indication, it’s time to slow down. i am a perfect example of this, not realizing i was making myself sick. the other day, an epic thing happened to wake me up and take a deeper look at this life of mine. it has affected me drastically and now i must take action.

the art of knowing … want to know the rest?

.it is never enough

it seems obvious that even taking one day off doesn’t seem to be enough to do the things you want to do. even relaxing is impossible because your brain continuously goes round and round thinking of this and that.

well in my brain.

i have so much on my agenda and i need to do so many things that i can’t seem to relax. sleeping is an option these days, luckily i managed to nap … want to know the rest?

.turning life around

remember i asked in the special news column to think about your past life and how it affects your present moment? just wondering if anyone has done that and why no comments.

i realize in this internet world people do not like comments or they just browse through and leave.

so today i am looking at the clarity that is needed in order to make a life decision. sometimes we want to do something but … want to know the rest?