judgement day

someone has to say it.

we are all judged and the one’s who tell you otherwise, that we only see what’s on the inside, they are full of shit. people see a visual, they see first what is on the outside and even when they get to know you, they make up their own idea of what and who you are.

it does not matter what your life is about, the eyes are focused on … want to know the rest?

.the freedom to choose

i have choices, i have the right to decide and feel the way i feel, i also have the power to let go

there are those who always seem to know how to find negativity in every thing i say or do and more so never have the balls to look me in the face and tell me how they feel. i believe this is very immature of them and warrants words.

as a leader, … want to know the rest?

.query or not

my thoughts these days are about writing a query letter in hopes to get an agent.



the only way to get a publisher to notice you, after google hit me in the face and said so, is to find an agent. i think personally it is a lot of work, more so than self publishing however when you want the world to notice you need the best.

there are many great ways to … want to know the rest?

stuff left to do

there comes a time when you realize that so much is on the agenda and you feel as though you will never accomplish your tasks.

what i believe to be true is this: do what you can.

as anal as i am about having an agenda for everything, sometimes i have to take a step back and relax. i had a dinner engagement last night and for some reason i could relax. it was as … want to know the rest?


we deal with all kinds of people and for what it is worth, we must accept each and everyone for who they are and what they do.

this is called unconditional

how hard is that? very.

i get very frustrated when i see people who can’t fix a simple thing or can’t organize shit the way i perceive it. i guess i am a creature of organization and when i see people who can’t time … want to know the rest?