ultimate relaxation

there are very few things in life that make us feel epic and when that moment hits, we ask ourselves how can we bring that joy and calm to our every day lives?

i sat looking at a picture last night, it was as if starring at it made me feel relaxed, stillness and i realized i was being in my moment. how often we forget to remember what brings us tranquility until something comes … want to know the rest?


a post taken from a book i wrote once and never published: 13 chaos – when you stop you lose

How is this possible?  Can you really be strong and weak at the same time?  Yes my fellow bloggers, friends, family and social networks; there is humanity!

We all go through life experiencing ups and downs, sorrows, defects, successes, etc

And I have come realize as well, we can be strong when faced with challenges … want to know the rest?

.we are missing the point

why do we strive so hard for what could happen, what we can achieve, what we can become? why are more of us not living in this moment?

there’s something missing – truly

we live by our means and most of us never really accomplish anything great because we feel it is just not in our grasp. we deny ourselves of healthy living, running around as though it has been dictated we must do this … want to know the rest?

.does it really matter

the hard part about living reality is you must at all cost see things for what they are and not what others perceive to be. the only person who can truly understand life is the one who can understand themselves.

we see it so often people who are guided by others, who can’t make common decisions without consulting others or you not have the knowledge to accept the inevitable. i can tell you from experience … want to know the rest?

.exemption from reality

every once in a while, you need to escape from your daily lives. there are times when so much is going on, you can’t seem to process the reality of making sense of it all.

what i find helps is laughter. finding fun in all that you do, eliminates stress and calms the soul. people may find you childish or think you aren’t taking life seriously but when shit hits the fan, it’s good to … want to know the rest?