Are you happy?

as it is getting closer to the holidays, yesterday i had a thought of how many things i want to get done before December.

we get busy, don’t we? throughout the year, we are so rushed with our everyday needs and wants we sometimes forget the important things.… proceed

Does it really matter

the hard part about living reality is you must at all cost see things for what they are and not what others perceive to be. the only person who can truly understand life is the one who can understand themselves.

we see it so often people who are guided by others, who can’t make common decisions without consulting others or you not have the knowledge to accept the inevitable.… proceed

taking responsibility for your own personal life

i have noticed and determined, people do not take responsibility for their own actions. they say or do things and really never live up to it. as i sit here this morning, i see things in a different light and it has to be said, most people are creatures of disguise.… proceed

How Bad do You Want Something and What Are You Willing To Do To Get it

I have researched many articles online and most of them, while interesting read, are really full of shit. I am still venting on this #makingmoney online thing because unless you have anywhere from $250 to $1000 to spend on a system or ads, you won’t generate any money from affiliates.… proceed

Letting go of what no Longer Serves a Purpose

i thought i knew everything about unconditional love and the power it holds. what i didn’t realize is that when you see signs that it no longer serves you | meaning is fulfilling your core | we must let it go.

although we fight to the end to keep something alive that isn’t | realistically | going to make our future, we know in the end it is only a mere reflection of what might be.… proceed